Friday, November 11, 2016

So Kevin gates locked up now. My guy got locked up for kicking a female. The reason he kicked her is because she grabbed his ****. He's sentenced for 6 months its aint that long. Kevins kick there goes the video. All I can say is free dude he did it cause she disrespected him. if anything she should get a sexual harassment charge. FREE MY GUY KEV. Like always though if you don't know him Google him. his music be bumpin dawg. Kevin is real big in the rap community he really blew up with 2 phones. that song slide to my guy. He changed as he became more famous. He used to be real street an be out here which he still is but he's kind of religious now and changed his motive on how he speaks on a lot of topics he's asked. 
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Free the man Kodak locked in the lane he a be out. if you haven't heard of him just Google him. that boy be bumpin man. we out here waiting for him to get out so he can drop some fire. he is in jail for 2 misdemeanor drug charges. . as said in the link he is serving 120 days. He should be getting out November 30th. he's a new rapper to most people but if you're a real fan you'll know he started when he was 14. the song that made him blow up was  no flockin . he really slide, go check him out. that man is doing his thing. FREE KODAKImage result for kodak blackImage result for kodak black in jail